Monday, May 12, 2014

Meet the Next Big 10 Network Anchor: Iowa Cheerleader Laura

The Big 10 Network absolutely revolutionized the college athletics world when it came on line in 2007. Every other major conference has been chasing their own version of this cash cow ever since. The network has also employed it's fair share of smokin' hot sideline reporters and studio hosts.

University of Iowa cheerleader Laura hopes to be the next great Big 10 Network reporter. About to start her junior year in Iowa City, the journalism major is focusing her j-school work on Sports Studies. Sounds like a perfect fit for someone that competed in plenty of high level cheerleading competitions and won an International All Star Championship back in high school.

Laura also has some aspirations to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, but she says she needs to learn how to dance first. While she certainly has time to learn, I'm hoping she ends up telling me all about the latest injury report on a fall Saturday morning in the near future!

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