Monday, March 10, 2014

Let's All Say Happy Birthday to UNLV Dancer Sara

We should all wish UNLV senior Sara a very happy birthday today. The senior Human Services major turns 22 today and will be entering the real world very soon. That means she doesn't have much time left to enjoy all that going to college in Las Vegas allows.

But I think the 4-year Rebel Girls vet has done quite well for herself in college. She won a national championship last year in the hip hop division, and her squad was 1 of only 2 teams to finish in the top 3 in two different categories this year. That is a pretty good haul.

Sara hopes to continue her dancing career after school by trying out for some big time pro dance squads like the Laker Girls, the Knick City Dancers or maybe even the Dallas Cowboys. Which means once she hits it the big time you are all going to remember where you discovered her first!

Oh, and did I mention that is no doubt stronger than 93% of the people that are going to read this? It's like I always say, STRONG IS SEXY!

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