Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Alley is the Hottest FCS Dancer You're Going to See Today!

You know I love to feature cheerleaders and dancers from schools outside of the BCS conferences, but for some reason I've only featured FCS football powerhouse Montana once on College Cheerleader Heaven. That is pretty much a travesty. So today I'm here to start fixing that problem.

Alley is a 3 year veteran for the Montana Dance Team and is serving as a captain this year. The elementary education major is in her junior year and currently coaches a local high school dance team in her spare time. Alley has some big dreams, though. While she obviously plans to teach when she graduates, she also has her sights set on cheering for the Seattle Seahawks or Dallas Cowboys. So be on the lookout for Alley on NFL sidelines in a couple of years.

Hopefully once she's in the pros she'll remember the little blogs that loved her before she hit the big time!

1 comment:

  1. There's some other pretty hot FCS dancers right in this photoset.


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