Thursday, September 26, 2013

Smokin' Hot Florida Atlantic Cheerleader Revealed

In August we posted a selfie of a smokin' hot Florida Atlantic cheerleader asking if anyone had any clue as to who she is. We got some good feedback and finally tracked her down. Apparently her name is Nicky and, unfortunately, I don't think she is cheering for the Owls anymore.

But there are a ton of great pictures of her floating around out there, and I feel like would be doing you a disservice if I didn't at least share some of them. Maybe Nicky will catch the cheer bug again and suit up next year. Until then, I guess we'll just have to let these pictures suffice.


  1. did you personally talk to her? these pics are freaking amazing shes so adorable

  2. I've tried, but haven't reached her yet.

  3. She damn sure rocks that bikini

  4. She would look even better with out that ugly belly ring!


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