Friday, May 10, 2013

Mizzou Golden Girls Ready for a Bounce Back Football Season

Let's be honest, Missouri's first football season in the SEC was a disaster. They couldn't keep their offensive line intact for more than a quarter at a time, the QB play was terrible and they lost to Syracuse. At home. Not a strong start to your tenure in the greatest football conference in history.

But one area that did not falter for the Tigers was the Golden Girls. As usual, these lovely ladies brought the thunder even when Eddie Lacy was running all over their home field like he was playing against 5th graders. Here's hoping the 2013 version of the Mizzou football squad gives the Golden Girls more to cheer about.

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  1. as a uga fan, i can't help feeling a little happy about your rough season since so many people all summer last year predicted that mizzou would trample uga in the sec opener. but i'm happy to have any school that contributes your kind of female talent to the league--it's first rate!

  2. I don't remember many people picking us to "trample" UGA. I figured our only shot was riding the tide of emotion of our first game in the SEC. And it almost worked until Jarvis Jones went all ape shit in the 4th quarter!


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