Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pitt Cheerleader Tia is a Former West Virginia Cheerleader

When you think of major college rivalries, there are plenty to choose from. You've got Duke/North Carolina, Georgetown/Syracuse, Missouri/Kansas, Texas/Oklahoma and the list goes on and on. But there aren't many that are quite as nasty as the Backyard Brawl between Pittsburgh and West Virginia. The football rivalry is one of the oldest in the nation with the first game played in 1895.

So it has to be a little weird for Tia to cross into enemy territory and start cheering for Pitt after spending 2 years on the sidelines cheering for West Virginia (and her football playing boyfriend). Talk about some traitorous activity. That's even worse than Florida State cheerleader Melissa dating a Gator!

Thank God the former level 10 gymnast is a psychology major. I'm sure she went through a lot of self-analysis before defecting. Let's just hope the good folks in Morgantown are as accepting as we are at College Cheerleader Heaven!


  1. I bet the WVU fans really gave her hell at the game this year...oh? Ok, well they must play next year right, it's a "major" college rivalry, right?

  2. Yeah, conference realignment seems to be screwing with this rivalry too. Hopefully they can get the series back on track soon. This was the first year the teams didn't play each other since 1942. It's a shame.

  3. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Save-the-Backyard-Brawl-Please/147083998745979?fref=ts

    "Save the Backyard Brawl, Please"


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