Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cleveland State Cheerleader Jaimie

We posted some pics of the Cleveland State cheerleaders that Jaimie sent us awhile back, but we decided it was time that she got a full length post of her own. After all, we pride ourselves on representing the small schools. Anybody can slap together a post about the USC Song Girls, but only College Cheerleader Heaven is able to bring you the best cheerleaders from the Horizon League.

What is curious, though, is Jaimie's love of the Virginia Tech Hokies. Apparently she travels down to Blacksburg for games regularly and even goes to their bowl games. Some people just can't get enough Beamer Ball! But Jaimie still cheers mightily for her CSU Vikinigs. Unfortunately, I don't see a cheering on the sidelines of a BCS Bowl Game in her future any time soon (especially since Cleveland State doesn't even have a football team).

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