Monday, February 18, 2013

Louisville's Maria is a 2012 National Champion!

I think we all know about the Louisville cheerleaders dominance. Basically all they do is win national championships. Hell, they even make appearances on TV shows like Glee. So today we're going to highlight the Louisville cheerleaders by featuring one of their own.

Maria comes to Louisville all the way from Buffalo, NY. I can't imagine there are too many Buffalo natives on campus at Louisville, but that just shows the power of the cheerleading program. They are out recruiting in every corner of this country to continue their run at the top. And Maria was a damn good find.

Seeing as she's a Buffalo Bills fan, hopefully we'll get to see Maria as a Buffalo Jill some time down the road. That seems to be the only logical progression! But until that day, make sure you "like" the Louisville cheerleaders on Facebook so you don't miss any of Maria & her teammates' championship ways!

1 comment:

  1. Louisville is one school that always shows up on cheer sites. Red and black is a great color combo for cheerleaders.

    And I won't talk about Louisville without mentioning the TV show _Glee_. The cheerleader Santana went to Louisville after graduating, and we got to see in a UL uniform as well.

    If you love cheerleaders, you have to watch _Glee_!


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