Monday, January 7, 2013

Sam Houston State's Kristy Is A Champion!

So I found Kristy in a very odd way. I noticed that someone ended up on College Cheerleader Heaven after entering a very specific Google search for the Sam Houston State cheerleaders. Curious, I did my own research and found a bevy of beauties stashed away down in Huntsville, TX.

After sharing a few messages with Kristy she drops the bomb that she is a 2-time NCA Collegiate National champion and 2012 Grand champion! Folks, that is superstar status right there. But Kristy wasn't comfortable with that title, so I'm calling her my "humble superstar."

Regardless of her humbleness, I'm here to tell you this girl is a stud. First she cheered at Navarro Junior College (which even I know is a badass squad), then moved her way up to SHSU and made them champs too. And let's not forget the fact that she is straight up gorgeous!

Just like Caitlyn from Texas State we posted last month, I can absolutely see Kristy making it big some day. I don't know how she's going to get there, but this girl is going to be on top of the world soon. And you saw her here first!


  1. perfect abs cute little belly button and adorable smile

  2. She better make something of her self to pay for those fake (.)(.)

  3. shes a sweetheart we were talking on twitter the other day


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