Friday, November 9, 2012

Michigan State Dancer Mackenzie

I don't typically differentiate between cheerleaders and dancers here on College Cheerleader Heaven, but I do know there is a difference. One group is about stunts and flips and lifts and the other group is about dancing and spinning and jumping. I hope I don't offend either group by mislabeling. That would suck.

Today I have what I am about 93% sure is a Michigan State dancer as opposed to a Michigan State cheerleader. I could certainly be wrong, but I know if I am someone will quickly correct me. Regardless, Mackenzie loves her Spartans and hopes they have enough fight in them to pull out one more victory and get themselves bowl eligible. Anything to extend her football cheering season.


  1. I'm not particularly concerned about the differences as long as they look that good. But, your're right, you don't want to offend any chicks.

  2. As someone who pays as much attention to college cheerleaders as you do, I have learned something. If their outfits have sequins, and/or shorts, they are dancers.

    The first pic shows she is most def a dancer.


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