Saturday, November 24, 2012

Florida State Cheerleader Melissa Dates a Florida Gator!!!

I stumbled upon a potential landmine in the college football cheerleading world. We're talking scandal of the ages, folks! We've got a Florida State cheerleader that dates a Florida Gator football player: former walk-on RB Scott Peek. How the hell do they let this happen in Tallahassee? Is there not a screening process for this kind of thing? Jimbo Fisher cannot be happy about this. Hell, I'm not sure Will Muschamp didn't plant Melissa on the squad in an attempt to gain some sort of advantage on the field.

On the plus side for Seminole fans, Melissa is pretty freakin' hot so it might not be the worst trade in history. I think I'd be able to handle a cheerleader dating a walk-on for my rival as long as she met certain standards, and Melissa more than meets the criteria I would set out.

As kickoff nears, what do you think? Would this be OK with you if you were an FSU fan?


  1. There obviously weren't any hot FSU guys so she had go to Gainesville to find one!

  2. FSU Cheerleaders Rock!!! 'I Cant Wait Until.2015 when i enter college
    #Go Noles (:

  3. Gator Nation great work my boy and the pic her holding a Gator towl is so sweet and damn good looking


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