Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Identify This Michigan Cheerleader

If you remember back to the 2012 Sugar Bowl, there was lots of interwebs chat about a cheerleader from Michigan. She was an instant hit with bloggers everywhere.

Well, I just got a request to find more pictures of her and I'm having a hard time. Michigan is notoriously stingy with info about their spirit squads, so I figured I'd turn to my super slueths to help me out. Anybody got a name on this hottie?


  1. I'm calling bullshit until I see some proof. collegecheerleaderheaven@gmail.com

  2. don't know her name, but I love the new michigan unis. way hot!

  3. I know who she is. She graduated and is now enrolled in grad school at Ohio State. Now how crazy is that?! Go Blue, Go Bucks? Crazy!

  4. That is crazy. You willing to email me a name?


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