Friday, June 22, 2012

Former Pepperdine Cheerleader Taylor

All the way back in February I got an email from a former Pepperdine cheerleader asking me to post some pictures so she could get some publicity for her modelling career. Somehow that email fell through the cracks. But I'm here to atone.

Taylor Olandt is her name, and based on these pictures alone, she is going to be a BIG star some day. Somebody needs to hire her now! Just remember you saw her on College Cheerleader Heaven before she was on the cover of Vogue.


  1. can i have her email she is cute

  2. If he gets her e-mail... I want it too!!!! Wow... is all I can say!!!

  3. Sorry guys, not going to hand out her email. Google is a hell of a tool, though.


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