Wednesday, October 28, 2009

University of Montreal Cheerleaders

You know, the Great White North can certainly bring it when they want to (as evidenced by the hotties from the University of Western Ontario). The girls from Montreal want to stake their claim to the title of Hottest Canadian College Cheerleaders. Thoughts?


  1. Mmmmmmm...cheerleader camel toe

  2. I love all the upskirt shots. Very nice. And the one of the girl bending over with her skirt up.

  3. These are some great action shots. I wonder what camera he was using. Is there a way to find out?

    The fourth one is amazing. I always love that shot of a girl being caught by two other girls. It's like they are showing her to us.

    The fifth one is a girl starting a cartwheel.

    You have to get these at just the right moment. This took a lot of work.

  4. It's funny how this collection just appeared recently. I had forgotten just how good it was. I think this guy has a Flickr archive someplace.


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